Simple Twist of Fate

Not the Dylan rendition of the song of by that title, but a pointer to an interesting read over at the Edupodder blog, “Revolution from the edge: students posting class recordings“. Going into the whole Podcasting for Penn State, we never really thought the content would be posted by students. It only makes sense as they become more and more savvy with today’s web publishing tools that they will engage in this type of behavior. I wonder how it will feel when the tables are turned? I post my class lectures as podcasts because I think they belong to me … but if you listen carefully you’ll hear students talking. Doesn’t that make them ours?

Going forward I am curious as to how this will play out. Will faculty be ok with this notion? A lecture recorded, maybe even edited, by the students for the students. Should I get to sign a release form? How does this change the notion of the commercial “note trade” that goes on at major Universities? Is there a new business model in here? Podcast Notes … hmm.

2 thoughts on “Simple Twist of Fate

  1. Hi cole,
    it’s an interesting thought/dilema; who “owns” or co-owns a podcast that is created by the instructor but that contains the voices/comments/discussion of students.

    Hopefully ownership won’t become the focus, and the experience will live as part of a new classroom dynamic that becomes accepted as a normal part of college teaching and learning. I actually think the idea of students editing portions of a lecture may be something that is ultimately encouraged especially if the student does this appropriately (audio citation?) as a way to further develop the ideas that are brought to life in the class.

    Interesting post…
    p.s I like the changes to the site


  2. Now that is an interesting concept … encouraging students to rip, mix, burn the lectures their heart’s delight. I think you just created a new assignment concept for me. I will try that and see what they say. And thanks for the site feedback!

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