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As we are moving closer and closer to full blown podcasting service here at PSU, I have been working up some scenarios to help us talk to faculty and students about podcasting.  What I am interested in doing is getting people turned on to podcasting by creating contextual references to podcasting opportunities.  While I think it will be helpful, what I am hoping for are some novel uses of podcasting to turn people on.  So far all I really have are fairly common examples to share:

  • Podium Podcasting: Providing the right tools for faculty right from the podium in a technology-supported classroom.  In our environment this means having the right tools in place in all podiums — software, wireless microphones, support, and easy content storage/distribution.  Actually this sounds difficult, but given the way Penn State manages classrooms it can be straightforward.
  • Faculty Podcasting: I’d really like to provide faculty with the ability to check out a physical kit to support their out of classroom podcasting efforts.  What I’d like even more is to provide them with a bundle from our Computer Store to purchase the right stuff to do it on their own.  We have a Faculty Multimedia Center here in ETS that can provide the hands-on training, so this is a good option as well.  Honestly, I like this model of podcasting much more than podium podcasting.
  • Activity Podcasting: This is what I am calling the opportunities where students get in the mix.  We have a group here in ETS that runs Studio 204, a student studio where they can go and get help with audio and video development.  More interestingly is the option of faculty coming in and working with the instructional design staff on pedagogical innovations in this space.

All of these are built more around a consulting model — one where faculty want to learn and do things themselves … that is also a much more scalable approach to this challenge.  Are there other scenarios that might interest faculty?  Some that impacts their research?  Outreach activities?  There has to be more.

3 thoughts on “Podcasting Scenarios

  1. Cole,
    These are great ideas. What about adding a couple more to the mix:

    A. The guest lecturer podcast. Seems like an opportunity to give students access to experts who may not have time to visit the class.

    B. The University of Michigan School of Dentistry classroom model has been very effective for them. http://www.dent.umich.edu/itunes/developers/

    I’d love to hear more about the post-production ideas you have.

    Randy Meredith

  2. Randy … I’ll post some thoughts tomorrow … I am actually preparing a talk for a confernce next week about podcasting and have been spending quite a bit of time thinking about it all. Thanks for the post!

  3. One thing tht I’ve found is that faculty don’t want to take the time at our campus. They believe that it will lower their attendance in the physical classroom. The suggestion to perhaps podcast supplemental material was made and still there was rebellion against this idea. For my master, I will be doing a teaching session for faculty to help alleviate the stress of podcasts and to emphasize the benefits. Any additional feedback on this frustrating issue would be great!

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