The 2006 TLT Symposium is Over!

Wow, what a day! Less than eight total hours, but what a day. The Penn State Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium is over. Looks like we ended up with over 90 posts in the blog, over 120 pictures taken by the community in Flickr, 14 podcasts, and 5 streaming videos of sessions — all in one day! That doesn’t include the pictures of all the people who stopped at the iMac with PhotoBooth running on it.

I can’t thank all the people who worked so hard to pull this off! I also can’t thank all of you out there who helped with ideas, sent me encouragement to try something different, and dropped links to it yesterday. Now the fun starts — how do we build on an event like that? That is what my team will start to look at immediately. No matter how you carve it up, it was a great day with all sorts of new things going on.

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