Long Strange Trip …

Showing the Dead roots with that title … it is so tired and so used, but what a week.  I spent the first half of last week cleaning up after the TLT Symposium and finally finishing up my group’s staff review and development plans.  I even got mine done … phew!

The second half of the week kicked off with being picked up by two of my brother-in-laws and whisked off to my time share at Lakeview just outside of Morgantown, WV.  Now, for the handful of people who spend any time here, you know I did my undergrad at WVU in Morgantown and loved every second of it.  Honestly it is why my one brother-in-law Eric and I bought a week there.  Both of us have experience with timeshares, but they are usually in places like Palm Springs, Orlando, and other “nice” destinations.  The roots of the MoTown purchase go back a few years.  Eric and I were working together at the Solutions Institute and were having one of our typical late night “few glasses of wine” conversations … I think Eric said something like, “let’s buy something on eBay …”  Well, about an hour later and $300 poorer, we were the co-owners of a mid-April week at Lakeview.  One of the best $300 I’ve ever spent.

We try to get down every year to play a little golf and get away.  This year we headed out Wed and stayed through to Saturday.  Our group was joined by two other firends from PSU … golf, downtown MoTown, campus, and just plain old fun was what it was all about.  I’ll post some pictures over at my flickr space tomorrow.
Leaving on Saturday we raced to Bloomsburg to join the families in a backyard Easter Egg hunt — a local tradition.  It was great seeing more friends and family!  I will say it was a bit sureal leaving WV to arrive in a button down Easter Egg hunt though.  The weekend was rounded out with a wonderful Easter dinner at my wife’s parents’ house.  Then back to State College.  Great weekend all the way around.  My wife was not only wonderful enough to let me escape for a few days to recharge, but when she realized I really needed to recharge from my recarging, she let me take a nap today!  I think I have the world’s greatest wife.

So that’s where I’ve been.  Later.

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