I Have Been Busy …

But at the end of the day that isn’t much of an excuse … who isn’t? But I am using it. Things have been nuts.

Either way, I was just running through my feeds this morning and I came across something I found sort of funny at Mac News World … Podcasting in 8 Easy Steps. What I find funny about it is that 8 steps is about 6 too many for mere mortals to really get into podcasting (granted they count things like “click the icon in the dock” as a step). I podcast in something like four steps and I think that is too many. My general process includes:

  1. Recording (in GarageBand)
  2. Editing (in GarageBand)
  3. Encoding (in GarageBand)
  4. Sharing (From my Blog)

What I am working towards is something that allows people to record, publish, and walk away. That is the solution we are building towards. we are writing a podcasting application that allows you to simple press record, pause/stop, enter a little meta data, and publish. That all happens as a background process via an XMLRPC hook. So, at the end of the day I am after two steps … Record and Publish. That will help the whole podcasting for edu thing a bit.

The same on the student end … I love the whole phone to blog thing that Odeo seems to be doing so well. But I am also interested in making a tool set available that students can use to record quick podcasts that publish into their personal webspaces — complete with the feed.

We are so close to solving both of those. I’ll be talking about what it all really does soon enough … for now, I am going to try and be less busy.

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