ProfCast Thoughts … The Podcast

After I posted about the missing podcasting link last week I got a couple of comments asking for my ProfCast thoughts … I am not going to do an all out review, but instead thought I’d share my thoughts as a Podcast … surprisingly not using ProfCast. Not that it isn’t a good tool, its just I needed to edit it a bit and that is the big hang up with that tool for me right now. I did have a chance to speak to the founder of the company that makes ProfCast and he assured me that good things are coming.

At any rate, take a listen to the podcast … it is only about 13 minutes long and weighs in around 7 MB.

2 thoughts on “ProfCast Thoughts … The Podcast

  1. Very interesting to hear your experiences with ProfCast.
    Was left with a couple questions– 1) What about ProfCast with one microphone for the lecturer and one omnidrectional one for audience, recorded as L & R channels? 2) Which Samson models? Which microphone? Which wireless system?

    Seth Powsner

  2. Seth … I haven’t tried a multi microphone setup with ProfCast … I have in the past done multi input podcasts using mixing boards, but haven’t attempted that in the classroom. I’ll give that a try and see where it goes. I alos like the idea of one channel for each mic … I wonder how that would sound to the listener.

    The Samson USB mic I use sometimes is the C01U … I have a really nice wireless mic setup that I use in class. It is a Samson UHF Series One. That thing is amazing, but still doesn’t pick up the students. I’ll post more after I try some stuff! Thanks for the comments.

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