Odeo and Some Early Results

I have been using Odeo in my IST 110 class this semester.  I am actually very impressed with it and it appears as though a good majority of my students are as well.  I have been looking at the early results of my latest class survey and of those who have responded almost all of them like the service (I will share the best later this weekend when they are all in).  So far, the results have really surprised me — students are liking all the technology I am throwing at them and they really like Odeo and del.icio.us … Outside of the survey the thing that really surprised me was that my outstnading TA, Helena, reported to me that she felt grading the podcasted Discussion Activities was easier/faster than grading the written ones.  Cool … we’ll test that again this semester to see if we were right.

Speaking of podcasts, I just added another one to the class blog … and speaking of Odeo, you’ll notice the ugly badge in my sidebar … that is an Odeo powered thing.  I am thinkng of tons of ways to integrate mobile devices and th Odeo service.  I am going to be talking more to them soon and I can share what I come up with.  For now, leave me a message.

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