That’s right … my Mountaineers beat the Unviersity of Georgia last night in the Sugar Bowl! The Mounties were big underdogs going in — and for a couple of good reasons … WVU never wins bowl games … or big games at all (let’s just say before last night they had lost 10 of their last 11 bowl games). I have been a WVU fan long before I did my undergraduate work there. My Dad’s doctorate is from WVU, my Mom’s undergrad and Master’s is from there … my family has lots of West Virginia history (no jokes) and it has always felt like home to me. I’ve watched WVU games for decades and I can never (and I mean never) remember them winning a game like this with so much on the line — especially in January. Another reason is the whole Big East is a patsy conference thing. Sure, Miami, Va Tech and BC all split to join the ACC last year. But if you look at things, WVU has been winning that conference, or sharing league titles, for several years now. Not having three of the big four from the Big East around makes it a bit easier to get through the conference. Finally, they were playing the champs from the SEC … the SEC is one of the top conferences in the country and man, are those teams fast.

Not last night! WVU jumped out 28-0 before UG made it a game. A great game at that. WVU ended up winning 38-35 … a fake punt in the final few minutes at the UG 48 yard line sealed the deal. Since when does WVU run a fake punt on 4th and 6 to win a game? All I can say is it was an amazing win for WVU. They deserved it … what a great team they turned out to be this year … a bunch of freshman coming off a disappointing finish last year to post an 11-1 record and beat the champion of one of the best conferences in the country. Good stuff!

I was a basket case … couldn’t talk, wouldn’t answer the phone, wouldn’t move from my spot, wouldn’t break my little “routines” that obviously won the game for us. Wow, a great win! Now, can the Nittany Lions do the same tonight? Here is a little screen cap stolen from ESPN.

2 thoughts on “WTF, WVU WINS!

  1. Dude they’ve won more than 1 bowl game in the past 10 years they beat georgia and georgia tech? and plus WVU dont mess up on big games they always find away to screw up on the easy wins

  2. Hunter, not before that year. That win changed expectations and execution. And honestly, the only easy game they’ve lost the last few years was the dog of an effort with Pitt last year. USF played them tough two years in a row and deserved to win. The Pitt loss still hurts, but that was last year and I hope we are poised to make another national championship run.

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