Podcasting with WordPress 2.0

I knew I’d get burned for jumping into WP 2.0 … clearly it is my fault, but I am having a hell of a time figuring out how to manage my media with the new upload feature of WP.  In the past I could simply use the dedicated Upload panel of the WP Admin area and then link it up.  I guess the drag and drop is nice, but with images all I can seem to make work is a thumbnail version of my images.  Not what I want.

My real problem is that I am using WordPress 2.0 for my class blog this semester and have been podcasting all my lectures — I guess you can’t call them podcasts, because all I can do is provide direct links to files.  My WP RSS feed isn’t seeing them and not adding them as enclosures.  I am using GarageBand to make my podcasts (and that works wonderfully) … and I am guesing becuase they are bookmarkable and enhanced with my slides GarageBand wants to export them as .m4a files … is that the problem?  How do you link this stuff in WP 2.0 to make the feed update?  I am not storing the podcasts on the same server as my WP install (I am using the huge amounts of space PSU gives me) and just using a standard link — like I did with WP 1.5 … I am starting to go crazy.  Any ideas out there … I’ll keep looking as well.

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