Comment Problem

I am noticing that posts that have comments are not showing them on the front page … this started when I moved to WP 2.0 … hmm. I’ll try the latest K2 and see if that helps, but it is strange.

Update: I went to the latest K2 and the comments thing is still happening. My banners are a little screwed up as the content area seems to be a bit wider … for now, just the standard blue background until I take the time to update those. If anyone has any ideas why my comments reporting is so messed up I could use some help.

Update 2: Thanks to D’Arcy (I say that way too much) the comments are fixed.  As he points out in the comment to this post, Spam Karma 2 needs to be updated.  Did that and now if I add a comment to an old post, the number of comments gets correctly updated.

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