iTunes Videos … Too Funny & Too Cool

Apple has posted a couple of free videos (please do more Apple!) at the iTunes Music Store. The first is a great rap from SNL last week called Lazy Sunday. For D’Arcy there is also a Battlestar Gallactica episode. Enjoy.

BTW, since I mentioned about the direct linking to podcasts the other day, I thought I’d also share a quick and easy way to get URLs out of the ITMS as well. All you have to do to get the direct link into the store is control click a song, video, or tv show title and you get a handy little contextual menu that lets you select it. Check it out.

itunes url

2 thoughts on “iTunes Videos … Too Funny & Too Cool

  1. Maybe you should think about moving to the States? I’m sure there are all sorts of Universities who would want you … ever think about the Northeast 😉 … I mean, you could at least get your episodes!

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