On the Road Again!

Off to Florida today for Educauase … oh, and for a little vacation. I’ll be staying in a condo, so I will not have high speed (or any other sort of Internet access)! What am I going to do … and it isn’t just me. My wife and daughter are coming along … my wife is a blogger (a good one at that) and she is going to go a little crazy not being able to write or read her favorite sites. I just downloaded the iPod map of the wifi spots in the part of Orlando we’ll be staying, so maybe we’ll find time to get our high speed fix. Pathetic.

On a related note … at the conference, I’ll be workign with Apple (and several others) to produce podcasts for the Apple Digital Campus Exchange. Should be a lot of fun. Look for posts about that next week, with pointers to the content. Until then, enjoy the silence!

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