My New iPod

Of course I had to get one … I tried to hold out, but the guy at the Apple Store in Orlando made me do it … as in, when I asked him if they had them he said yes. To me, that is making me get one. It is amazing. Period … really I love all the iPods, but this thing is a work of art. It is what an iPod should be. It looks so much bigger, but it is the same width, the same height, and so much thinner than my other one. My new Nano is sick, but this thing is what it is all about. Ok, enough love.

Here’s the rub, they did away with the little remote control plug thing next to the headphone jack, so all the accersories I care about no longer work. I can’t use it in my car because all I have is a CD player and the iTrip no longer works. I can’t use my iTalk anymore, so there goes mobile podcasting. Crap. I didn’t really think about that when I bought it. Not that it pisses me off to the point where I am going to scream, but it just bothers me becasue I have no options. I guess I can spend the $75.00-$100.00 on an adaptor for my Honda Accord to run it throught the CD Changer input, but that’s another 100 bucks. What I want is an option … the only option I’ll get is to wait.

Here’s what I think Apple should do … oh how I wish I had enough pull to make this stuff happen … just a little list:

  • The iPod Camera Connector: That thing is another wonderful little device. If you don’t know, it lets you plug your USB digital camera into the iPod and directly import photos. works slowly, but is very nice. What would be kickass would be if they let you use that same thing to plug in a USB powered microphone … I just got one of these killer new USB Samson Audio C01U mics and it would be really sweet to be able to just plug the connector onto the bottom and plug my new mic into the other side. Shazam … with the new stereo recording capability (that I have no idea if it works) I could actually have a more or less pro quality mobile podcast studio. That would be perfect.
  • Five Star Ratings: They killed the ability to do on the go ratings on my iPod! I use that so much … I can’t even explain what a kick in the ass this one is. I have been a big proponent of rating student podcasts on the fly using that 5 star rating system. Without it, that is over. I am not sure if they took it away for music because I have yet to put my music collection on the thing, but it isn’t there for video or audio podcasts. Again, crap. Apple, give me that back!
  • A Case: Once again Apple gives us a case, but the sleeve it comes in isn’t what I need or want. They do this every time … they surprise everyone, including vendors … in the meantime my iPod looks like I ran it through the wash. Argh … a case wouldn’t kill you. Let’s not even talk about a dock!

Oh well, there are other things, but all in all this is a killer piece of equipment. It just seems to me that if you are going to add some amazing features for education, how about keeping the ones that have already had an impact. BTW, go get one … at least look at it. It is worth it.

2 thoughts on “My New iPod

  1. Boo hoo. I got a new iPod. Wah wah wah. It won’t let me add star ratings, and the case won’t let me watch the last episode of Lost through it. Boo hoo! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just jealous here, Cole… If you end up not liking it so much, I’ll trade you straight across for a mint-condition 3rd Gen 20GB unit… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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