2 New Podcasts

Here are direct links to 2 of the 3 podcasts I did while at Educause in Orlando. The first podcast was with James Hilton and Lynne Johnson of the University of Michigan about their iTunes Music Store for education project. It was a fun discussion … as a matter of fact, I was able to get James to talk a bit about his slant on copyright, what is wrong with it, and how the commons is being impacted and created. I hate to say it, but this is edited down a bit from the original where we spend a bit more time on that stuff. It is a fun talk though.

The second podcast is with Susan Metros from Ohio State and Julie Little of U of Tennessee. Again, too much fun hanging out talking to these two about teaching and learning with technology. Both Susan and Julie seem to have a real passion for not just the use of technology in the classroom, but for the process of teaching well. Fun … by the way, I am not a real journalist — I just play one on my podcasts so excuse my lame interviewing abilities.

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