This is a Bad Sign

USC … that’s the University of Southern California … has just opened up the new blog (or vlog according to the site) for the Heisman campaign for two of their players. That’s cool … problem is that the site will be a for fee service. WTF. That’s all, WTF.

One thought on “This is a Bad Sign

  1. The site is a cool idea, but the fee for the service is ridiculous. However, I’m not surprised, as many columns from ESPN are Insider-only and require a monthly or yearly fee to be viewed. There are also blogs about Penn State football from that cost money to receive…it’s kind of a trend for “insider sports information” these days. :/

    As long as there are extreme fans, and their cravings for tid-bits of info about their favorite players or teams are satiated in some way by these blogs/vlogs, there will be these services making cash off of it.

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