Microsoft. Nuff Said

I try really hard to stay away from this kind of stuff, but how in the hell do they get away with it? Another wonderful warning from the software giant … three more “critical” security issues. It just never ceases to amaze my that 95% of the computing universe uses this stuff … some people even defend it. This is the kind of statement I really try to stay away from, but I just can’t help myself — it reminds me of our current adminstration. There I said it. I know I shouldn’t have, but this is just too much. At any rate, enjoy the update, from MSNBC no less.

One thought on “Microsoft. Nuff Said

  1. It’s the same reason that GM is the number one car maker, and why people will settle for something that’s “good enough”

    They don’t know any better, and they don’t know enough to know there are options. And they’re told from all angles that “this is the best way – look, everyone else is using it!”

    The whole “we’re number 1 because most people use us” argument is such total bullshit that it should act as a red flag when it’s raised for anything. OS, cars, appliances, political parties, etc…

    But, that’s just my (very jaded) opinion…

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