First Day of Class

Last night was the first day of class … we actually did a ton of stuff for the first day thing. I am sorry my posts have been few and far between — and completely focused on the course, but I have been working at trying some very different things this semester, so its been like designing a course from the ground up.

At any rate, the students all did hands on stuff — we got bloglines accounts, setup accounts for everyone (decided on a class tag), and they got into the blogs@110 and posted their first post. We went over how to subscribe to feeds and how to create custom ones in the blogs … I think a good majority got it and may even use some of this stuff all semester. I’ll be posting thoughts about the course and the progress here from time to time … I will also try to get back to writing about other stuff on a regular basis, but for now I will be posting over at the blogs@110.

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