I’ve been talking about PGSIT so much recently, but I guess I never really said what it is … well, here’s a little blurb I wrote for the IST website about it … The School of Information Sciences and Technology and the IST Solutions Institute is once again hosting the PA Governor’s School for Information Technology (PGSIT). Each year we invite the best and brightest minds from the Commonwealth of PA to take part in a rigorous five-week resident learning experience. Consisting of faculty from the School of IST and 40 rising high school juniors, the PGSIT Scholars are once again learning the ins and outs of the Information Sciences.

The Scholars are here working in teams to solve real world IST challenges, create new opportunities through their community service projects, and learn from some of the top minds in the information sciences. It is truly a life changing opportunity for both the Scholars and the program faculty. This year, you can watch what is going on with PGSIT by visiting the Blogs@PGSIT. Here I am teaching in the IST Building’s Cybertorium …

Teaching PGSIT

My class is a modified IST 110 class that I am calling “Web 2.0: The Read/Write Evolution” … check it out here. Now you know.

2 thoughts on “WTF, PGSIT?

  1. Hey Cole,
    Nice Post. I am glad its all over. Good times, great people, horrid workload. Btw, does chris millet have a blog and whats his url?

    – Man

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