Podcasts are Everywhere

While I was at NECC, Apple had a group of Apple Distinguished Educators there doing podcasts with people who are into/shaping/impacting teaching and learning with technology … not saying I am one of those people, but they did take me out to breakfast to talk about all sorts of things that get me excited. We decided not to do our little talk back at the hotel and walked down the street to a little coffee place to have some lunch and talk. I imagine it was a funny sight to see us sitting in the corner with the audio guys hanging boom mics at us … I love the background noises — the coffee grinders, people talking, and the music make it so much more authentic.At any rate, here is the link to the podcast … It was a lot of fun talking with Barnaby Wasson about all sorts of stuff that we both seemed to enjoy. It is sort of funny as I had attended his podcasting session the night before and I did a quick iPod podcast with him. For some reason, it just seemed like the right thing to do — podcast from a podcasting session. If you are interested, take a listen.

With the new iTunes 4.9, this whole podcasting stuff finally seems as though it is being demystified. The new iTunes makes getting podcasts so much easier … and the new QuickTime makes making them easier … now all we need is a good way to serve them up. I bet it isn’t too far off! Hey, it was also kind of cool seeing my name in the new podcast directory in iTunes!

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