iTunes Fix … Sorta

The other day before I left for NECC, I upgraded my main machine’s iTunes to 4.9 to take advantage of the podcasting features … if you recall, my library got crushed. I got back last night and reimported all my music — minus the playlists, ratings, and play counts. That is a little bothersome, but you do what you do. It is actually giving me a cahnce to sort of “reset” my musical life. I just did my podcast subscriptions and resynced my iPod — yeah that got crushed too. At any rate, other than my little issue, the new iTunes with podcasting is great!

One thought on “iTunes Fix … Sorta

  1. Yeah, the same fricken thing happened to me, and I’m sorta pissed about it because I was constructiong all these playlists (and one was from a party that my friend ‘dj’d from my laptop — now completely lost to me). Why didn’t they have an easy import path for your old library?

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