Where I’m Spending My Time

I haven’t been posting here all that much lately … things have been nuts. Between heavy travel and major changes at work, I’ve been a little too crazy to focus for some good posts. I have been spending all my blog time over at the Blogs@PGSIT. You should keep an eye on it the next five weeks … I am betting it is a good thing. I am even using the tools to design and manage my course materials. Oh, subscribe to the RSS feed, there is going to be a lot of podcasting going on — Apple, I could use that iTunes 4.9 (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)

Next week, I start teaching at PGSIT and I run down to NECC in Philly. Hey, I get to go back to my old stomping grounds … I am doing several things, but one night I am taking part in the Podcasting Event … should be a good time. I’ll be hanging out with some old and new friends. So all in all, I’ll be busy but having a good time. Seriously, keep an eye on the Blogs@PGSIT — I think it’ll be interesting.

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