No Bandwidth

I just spent the better part of the weekend without my bandwidth … how did I do it before I had high speed. You may say, “quit bitching and dial up.” Oops, I have VoIP, so that blows that up … no phone service as well! Adelphia (my provider) had the comforting words of, “sorry, we had some unexpected glitches upgrading services …” Glitches? Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but aren’t companies like Adelphia supposed to have smart people to guard against glitches? Glitches … that one just blew me away. I’m sure my clients would be fine with me telling them, “sorry, couldn’t roll that out because of a few glitches.” Jeez.

The bigger issue is that I still don’t have access from home. Fine for me, I’m at the office today … my wife is working from home on some stuff — just hope she doesn’t need to connect to anyone or anything. Oh by the way, they are going to give me a credit for the glitch — they sort of miss the point that there is a lot more at stake here than just a couple of days without email … they aren’t factoring in the lost opportunity cost. Oh well, I’d switch providers, but in State College, on my street, all I have to choose from is Adelphia. Please let there be bandwidth when I get home. My computer is really boring at the local level …

Update 2:30 PM 5.16.05: We are back online! The phone works and everything. Thank goodness!

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