My ADCE Welcome Post

Hi! Welcome to my space on the ADC Exchange … my name is Cole Camplese and I will be the primary blogger in this space. I am the Director of the Solutions Institute at the Pennsylvania State University. I oversee the R&D efforts of the Institute, set strategic goals, and spend a lot of time working with our partners to create interesting solutions to their challenges. I teach courses in the School of Information Sciences and Technology — typically utilizing the tools and courses we create within the Institute. Teaching gives me an amazing opportunity to try out all the crazy ideas I walk around with on a daily basis.

This blog, Tools the Enhance Teaching and Learning in Digital World, will try and focus around these ideas and how we can make small changes and end up with big impact. I am an avid blogger and maintain a couple of blog sites myself. I run the Learning and Innovation Blog and am a lead blogger at the Blogs@SI initative that we recently kicked off. I am really interested in the role of personal publishing and how it can create, build, and support communities of practice around multiple contexts. I am also just thrilled I don’t have to mess with silly WYSIWYG editors anymore! The web has finally entered a true read/write state and it is opening up doors for people across all industries — especially education. Putting tools like blogs, content management systems, and other emerging web technologies into the hands of faculty and students opens up amazing opportunities. Combine all of that with the power of RSS and syndication models and we are really on to something.

I hope you join me as I try to capture a little bit of the excitement I have for the use of technology to change the teaching and learning landscape. I have asked a couple of people who I truly respect to be collaborators at this site … they are mulling it over … if we can land several key voices across the teaching and learning with technology landscape, we’ll really be on to something! I am looking forward to sharing experiences with you over the course of the next several months and beyond! Do me (and yourself) a favor and syndicate this site into a news reader (or bloglines) so you can get updates automatically. I’ll be talking with you … oh, and while you are here, drop some comments on me! Looking forward to it–>

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