Blogs@SI … Interesting Events

I just posted over at our pilot Blogs@SI site … the numbers are exploding — for us. Tonight there were over 600 visitors online. That’s up from a high of about 40 the last couple of days. I am really interested in figuring out where people are hearing about the space and how they are getting there. Any comments about that?

2 thoughts on “Blogs@SI … Interesting Events

  1. Not to rain on your parade, but Drupal seems to count bots as “visitors” in those stats – so it may have been a bunch of Google/Yahoo/MSN indexing bots crawling the site…

    But still, that’s a good sign, since it means people will be able to find stuff on the site.

  2. Chris and I discovered that late last night … while being excited. Oh well, it is a great sign! Thanks for the heads up! What’s traffic at weblogs@UC looking like? Is there a sense that these types of spaces could take off?

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