Blogging for Marketing Rising

I think we all knew this and really don’t need a post to explain it, but what the hell! We’ve just started blogs@si — for a different reason, but in the end its all about putting the power of publishing in the hands of the community. A while back I was talking to some friends at Apple, actually egging them on to start some sort of coorporate blogging program … didn’t get too far, but they have started doing it for a few things.

This little read popped into my bloglines this morning and thought I’d shre the link … Micro Persuasion: Corporate Blogging Rising … sort of reminds me of hte research proposal we are organizing around community blogging and shared community ownership. See Higher Education isn’t that far behind!

2 thoughts on “Blogging for Marketing Rising

  1. interesting….and, what are our apple friends doing with blogs? being a corporate denizen, i would love to know the Apple vision on blogs.

    i would even be willing to share what i know can be accomplished with blogs in a corporate setting. lots of cool things to do with blogs in a corp setting…would love to chat with them.

    let me know….

  2. Here’s one example, although its not exactly a big deal (and who knows if it is really an Apple blog) … The Apple Student Blog … looks like mostly marketing. What I’d really like to see are more sites by Apple people, like Surfin Safari … somepleace where insight can be taken from the space. I will keep pushing and add you to the list of people willing to help. Thanks!

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