Where Have You Been?

That’s what a lot of people (if you count the four or five people who visit this site as a lot) have been asking the last several days. No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, but I have been both very busy and very distracted the last week or so. Things have been nuts at work and we have been getting some new initiatives running, so that’s good. We have been spending most of our time between rolling out the few fixes that are needed to the CMS we built to drive the School’s web presence and investigating several open source tools for our blogs@ist project and a few kick ass project management and bug tracking tools. Its kept me busy.

Some other things on the personal side of my life — I am a real person — have also gotten in the way of posting. As a matter of fact they are the kinds of things you’d love to post about, but just know it wouldn’t be a good idea to do so. Some of the things I have been working on and trying to pull together have taken quite frankly all of my time and mental energy and it hasn’t left me with anything to say. I can say this, stay tuned … some interesting things are in the works.

Here’s something I will rant about for a second … the whole podcasting, Daily Source Code thing has gotten me a bit down. I’ve been a daily listener to the Source Code since around October or so and have always loved it … I am seeing the end of the run for me though. The content just doesn’t seem as inspiring to me anymore and podcasting in general hasn’t been getting me going like it did the past several months. My podcasting guys (who we do our weekly show with) and I haven’t even posted our last two shows … I’m just not feeling it. I need some new, good content to get me excited again. Or maybe that I am moving on to the next round of thinking with all this stuff …

Anyway, more to come on the new ideas front shortly … a few last wrinkles to work out. I will try to get the posting juices flowing again and get this thing back to where there’s actually some discussion related to Innovation & Learning. And oh, by the way, Let’s Go Mountaineers (WVU in the Sweet 16)!

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