iPod Program Did Not Deliver … Hmm

Not sure I buy this, but who knows? The article, IPod Program Did Not Deliver seemed a bit biased and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t even find an author listed. I am part of the Apple Digital Campus (along with Duke, Stanford, Ohio State, and Missouri School of Journalism) and the Duke Freshman iPod Experience was a key piece to that. I’ve listened to the Duke administrators who described the project … not ever really defending it — they said from the get go that this was a pilot. But, they all seemed very excited about the progress.

It surprises me with these results that Drexel University in Philadelphia is giving education grad students iPod photos … here’s a little bit about that project. A quickie:

The Drexel University School of Education, following in Duke University’s footsteps, will distribute free Apple iPods to incoming students next fall in an attempt to integrate technology into teaching.

“A focus for us,” Drexel’s School of Education Director William Lynch said, “is on bringing technology to [solve] human problems and … increasing human understanding through the use of technology.”

Its interesting to me that this news about the Duke project would come out of Mac News World and not be first released via Duke. I do know that Duke is in the midsts of a large assessment … that should be more accurate. At any rate, I may revisit this post later today when I have more time to think about it, but this seems like nothing more than a knee jerk reaction and an incomplete one at that.

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