I’m Home …

So, I’m back in Crappy Valley … man, do I miss vacation already! Its not so much the stack of mail (all junk and bills), its not the mess at my house the cat made, its the absolutely miserable weather here. I can’t tell you how much worse it is here then it was just 2 and a half hours south of State College … I mean we went from 60 degrees and sunny to 40 degrees with rain, clouds, fog, and filth. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it has hit Kristin and I hard … even our three year old said, “this isn’t home … its too grey out.” How bout it! Thie pictures below show just how disgusting it is here in the northeast (left) vs. the south (right) while traveling … tomorrow I am checking into real estate somewhere south of here!


I am really not happy about being back at all.

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