Working on the Road

You know how hard it is to get anything of value done while traveling? On one hand, that’s why its called a vacation — you aren’t really supossed to be working … but, on the other hand, it is a real pain in the ass when you have to get some stuff done. I decided to travel with my Apple Airport Express, which I was able to get to work with my parents Comcast Cable Modem — after fighting with it for a few hours. I am even able to get my PC (yuck) laptop running on it (long story, but let’s just say its part of the reason I have to be working on a Sunday while on vacation). The larger challenge of printing, surfing, getting email, connecting to shared spaces, etc is driving me crazy!

My laptop bag is seriously at least five times heavier than my 12″ PowerBook with all the gear I have — you know, to make it easier to connect while traveling. Right. I can’t print and getting files back and forth is a hassle … at least there is bandwidth! Based on this post, it appears as though I need to get a life. At any rate, it has to get easier than this! What a pain in the ass — two choices, stay home, or stop trying to work on the road … they both aren’t going to happen. Alright, enough of this bullshit post and back to (trying to) work!

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