Open Source CMS Tools

Now that I have spent the better part of six weeks exploring different php/mySQL CMS packages, I have decided to write a short paper comparing them. I will attempt to pull in some interesting points to base my comparisons on and establish a set of model outcomes I used as a guide when I set out on this quest. I will look mainly at WordPress, Mambo, and Drupal … all of which are excellent tools in their own right. I have found, however, they all serve similar but different needs. I’ll be working on it the next couple of weks and will post it here when I am finished … look for updates along the way.

I would also like to collect some user feedback, so if any of you have experience with these three tools, please post a comment. I am hopeful that this paper will serve as a basic “jumping off” point for others looking to utilize these tools in the educational space.

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