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I am an avid Apple watcher and have been for years. I am one of those types of people who anxiously waits for the big announcements to hit, gets all wrapped up in speculation, and ultimately runs out and buys whatever Steve throws out to us. This year’s announcements are, in my opinion, the biggest set of deliverables I have seen out of Cupertino. I read the other day that we have seen the start of a new strategy from Apple — I beg to differ.

I see what happened the other day in San Fran as nothing more than the logical next step in the move into digital lifestyle devices. I was not surprised to see a $500.00 Mac — I know the rumor sites had been talking about it for days, but it just seemed to fit Apple’s emerging strategy of the last several years. When the original iPod was released several years ago I was a bit surprised, and even disappointed. I did get one though and came to find it to be an outstanding music player. I didn’t honestly think it would turn the portable music world on its ear though. I also really didn’t see it as the start to a larger, more complex Apple strategy. I do now however and the Mac mini is the next logical step. By the way, I’m on iPod number four!

I love going into the Apple Stores and looking around at all the great things … I have said from the get go that there needs to be more items people can actually afford. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Apple Campus in Cupertino, CA and they have the Company Store there that sells so much cool stuff — hats, shirts, pens, notebooks, and all sorts of other things that are affordable to just buy on the spot. I’ve always thought Apple should put a few items like that in its stores — I think they just did. Imagine the impulse buying opportunity that exists now with the Mac mini. I walk in, buy an iPod, and right there is a Mac that does everything you need that is actually affordable. Good stuff … the market will tell us the truth.

The other stuff is great as well … killer software, killer devices, and killer affordability. Its good to be a Mac user at the moment.

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