More Podcasting

I am getting set to attend the NLII annual meeting in New Orleans to participate in a session on pervasive computing … as a matter of fact, I think I posted an entry about that and the podcasting we’ll be doing down there. I’ll be doing a bit of my own, solo podcasting during the conference — and probably from New Orleans in general. At any rate, a student worker here at the Solutions Institute and I put together (Carlo did most of the work) a Keynote related to what is podcasting for the show.

Like I posted a while back, Apple has asked me to work with Missouri School of Journalism to make sure the event is covered. The tech group from Educause built a fully RSS-enabled blog space in place for us to handle posts and podcasts from the sessions … I got to see it today and it is really well done! Apple is going to be putting a Mac mini and a whole bunch of iPods out at the registration desk for people to check out and listen to. The mini will be running our presentation and the iPods will have sessions on them as well as some of the content from the Duke iPod project.

Check out the RSS feed next week to listen in. I’ll be posting from New Orleans as the time approaches. At any rate here is the link to the Keynote presentation as a pdf.

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