Studio Time … Update … Teaching with Technology … Week 2

I’ve been using all sorts of new activities in the new Apple Studio in the IST Building for a couple weeks now … you can take a look at some of my plans by looking at this previous post. I have to say its going well on a couple fronts — mostly the blog space is really working well. I don’t want to get too jacked up about it yet … we’re only two weeks in, but the interaction has been outstanding. I am really happy with how well it all seems to be working.

Back to the Studio … I have been a little disappointed with the room. The desks are arranged in a miserable way — long rows that almost discourages teaming, big G5 towers on the desks that block people’s view, and several snafus. Today, Carlo is doing an iLife overview and it appears as though half the group is thinking, “cool” while the other half is saying, “so what”. I am very hopeful that once they start to use the technology they’ll all be saying “cool,” but I’m not counting on it.

I still think most of them are wondering why they aren’t learning about the usual tools (Office, Front Page, etc …). I hope we can get over that and get creative and learn a lot about the fields within information sciences and technology. Within two weeks, they’ll all have turned in their first effort with digital expression. we’ll see!

For now, I’ll just rely on the blog for excitement.

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