Garbanzos and Spicy Chorizo Salad

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My friend and colleague, Brian Smith always brings something amazing when he and his family come over for dinner. We never ask them to bring anything but Brian always brings an excellent starter over for us to enjoy. Several months ago they come over and he brought an excellent Garbanzo Bean dish that had spicy sausage in it. I absolutely fell in love with it. I never did ask Brian for the recipe but found something similar that I’ve modified a bit. So for the Super Bowl I decided I’d make it and see how it goes with the big game.

Garbanzos and Spicy Chorizo

Garbanzos and Spicy Chorizo

I first make a dressing by zesting and juicing two lemons, doing the same to one large orange, and combining it with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. I add a finely diced garlic clove, some sea salt, a little crushed red pepper, and freshly ground pepper. I whisk all that together.

I also chop up a nice handful of Italian parsley and a large red onion to add. I use two cans of drained and washed Garbanzos along with about 4 or 5 pieces of all natural Spicy Chorizo. I slice up the Chorizo and saute it in some olive oil for 6 or 7 minutes until it is a little crispy and browned. Once the Chorizo is ready I mix it with the onion, the Garbanzo Beans, and the dressing in a large bowl until it is all coated. I add a little more sea salt, crushed red pepper, and fresh ground pepper to taste. It is great served immediately, but really shines if you let it rest a bit. If you give it a try, let me know!