Invited Presentation: 01/25/2011: Washington International Education Conference

I have been invited to deliver a talk at the Washington International Education Conference in Washington, DC. It looks a great event and am very much looking forward to speaking to this group. I have been asked to share stories of how social and digital media are challenging what we need to think about as educators. Take a look at the event’s program.

Download the PDF of my slides.

Closing Plenary: 01/14/2011: Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

I have been invited to deliver the closing plenary at the 2011 Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Baltimore, MD. If That is Scholarship, We Are Doomed! New forms of conversations are emerging across the Web that are shaping the nature of our institutional responsibilities. Remix culture is impacting the future of discourse on levels that make many of us uncomfortable. Let’s explore the notion of the “conversation” as it exists across the social Web — to see how we, as educators, can take cues from this emerging dialogue. It is our responsibility – not to dismiss these discussion forms (and forums) as passing fads, but to realize the embedded pedagogies that exist within these emergent spaces — pedagogies we must understand to fully imagine what the future of digital media means to scholarship.

I took the audio from the session and created an enhanced podcast of it that includes the slides.

Find it here.