8/15/2007: Presenation: Penn State World Campus ID&D Group

Day before yesterday my colleague, Allan Gyorke, and I gave a talk to the Instructional Design and Development group at the Penn State World Campus related to Digital Expression. It is a talk I’ve done before and it really focuses on the platforms PSU has been working to deliver for the last 18 months or so. The talk frames the need by looking relatively deeply at the changing characteristics of our undergraduate resident population — they are very mobile, very smart, and very plugged into social spaces (read, Facebook). I use a bunch of PSU statistics gathered by our assessment team as well as numbers from the Pew Internet and American Life Project team. It is a talk that provides an overview of our goal to create a platform that can support digital expression.
Slides and more thoughts can be found at my Learning & Innovation blog.

8/14/2007: Presentation: Academic Computing Centers Embrace Web 2.0 and the Digital Generation

On August 14th, I've been asked to present to an online audience about PSU's use of iTunes U. I plan to discuss how iTunes U (and podcasting in general) has sparked the imagination of faculty and staff across Penn State. The webcast is sponsored by SABA … it should be an interesting event for me as I have never participated as a presenter at one of these types of events. Here's the program:
“Pressures on Higher Education IT: How we Move Forward to Embrace Web 2.0 and Beyond” Matthew Jett Hall; Assistant Vice Chancellor, Information Technology Services and Associate Chief Information Architect; Vanderbilt University
With society's mass adoption of the digital life style in North America, Europe, and Asia, higher education must address both the ways in which it provides commodity IT services and embraces new tools for mobile learning and social networking of the digital generation. Matt will discuss some of the pressures facing central IT organizations in this context.
"Penn State on iTunes U: Driving Adoption through Innovation” Cole W. Camplese,
Director, Education Technology Services, Penn State University

In this session, Cole Camplese will discuss Penn State University's use of iTunes U as the centerpiece to providing scalable podcasting infrastructure at a large university. We'll look at how faculty, staff, and students have quickly adopted podcasting as a way to share academic content anytime, anyplace.
“Web 2.0: Re-inventing Learning” Ben Willis, Senior Manager, Learning and Collaboration Product Strategy, Saba Software
Ben will introduce the seminar with an overview of Web 2.0 and how collaboration technologies are changing the way students – and adults – learn. Ben will walk us through the shift that is taking place in how we collaborate, connect and capture information in today’s digital and connected world.

7/12/2007: Presentation: Platforms for Digital Expression PSU College of Agricultural Sciences

I will be presenting on Web 2.0 and PSU's Platform for Digital Expression to faculty from the College of Ag Sciences here at Penn State this week. This came out of the talk I did for the College of Education a couple of months back on a similar topic. This session will be broadcast across the State to faculty and extension agents via Adobe Connect. I also believe they will be recording the session. Having a chance to talk with faculty at the College level is always an important opportunity — these are the kinds of sessions that lead to increased visibility for the work we are doing and helps foster new relationships. I am looking forward to it and I will post slides after the fact.

6/12/07: Presentation: Penn State Web Conference

On June 12th I will be co-presenting at the 10th Annual Penn State Web Conference with my colleague, Jim Leous. Jim and I co-presented last year as well and it was a blast. Our topic this year builds on where we left off last year … this year we will take a look at the state of Web 2.0 in the Higher Education Enterprise 2.0 … we've worked very hard at PSU to make progress in this space over the last year and this talk will bring some of the outcomes and lessons learned to bear.
Slides available as PDF.

6/14/07: Featured Talk: Technology In Business Schools Roundtable Annual Meeting

On June 14, 2007 I will be presenting and leading a session titled, Implementing Disruptive Technologies into the Learning Process at the Technology In Business Schools Roundtable Annual Meeting hosted by Penn State's Smeal College of Business. This should be an interesting opportunity to engage a group of people that I assume will be interested in looking at how business schools should be playing in the emerging technologies space for teaching and learning. This is an important event for me as the Dean of the College of Business is Jim Thomas. Dean Thomas was the Dean of the College of Information Sciences and Technology while I was the Director of the IST Solutions Institute.
My slides are available here as a PDF.

6/18/07: Keynote Talk: Third Annual One-to-One Computing Conference

On June 18, 2007 I will be delivering a keynote talk to the participants on the Third Annual One-to-One Computing Conference. This annual event is held at Penn State University on the University Park campus. I am looking forward to this as it is an opportunity to talk with a whole new audience — mainly K-12 teachers. I will be talking about how we can leverage emerging technologies in the classroom to help extend the conversation. I am looking forward to the event and to the opportunity. Another big reason I am very excited is that the Father of the conference is Kyle Peck and many of my good friends in the College of Education have had a big hand in its overall success.
Link to presentation. Download the PDF

5/15/07: Featured Talk: Maricopa’s 20th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

On Tuesday May 15, 2007 I will be the featured speaker at Maricopa's 20th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference. I will also be presenting a breakout session related to Web 2.0 and PSU. My featured talk, "Enabling the New Classroom Conversation" will focus on three main drivers in opening the classroom to new ways of extending learning.
The presentation is available as a PDF. Download.