Week 11

As I sit here using my new MacBook Pro I am struck by the fact that we really need to cover some fundamentals … not sure how I connected the MacBook Pro thing, but it may have something to do with the fact that I am using a next generation piece of equiment that is still so solid at doing the basics. I guess I am hoping we can get you to a point like that — where you can do the nextgen stuff, but you do it with a full understanding of the basics. This week I’d like to step back and have us look at the basics related to both database and networking technologies. We’ll spend time Tuesday and Thursday looking at these critical pieces of technology — at the end of the day most of what happens in the world of computing is impacted by these two.

I think you’ll find the way we go about it to be interesting to say the least. Be ready to try something new to learn about something very fundamental. I’d also like to get your Cluetrain Responses as we’ll discuss that as well. See you on Tuesday! Oh, by the way, I’ve started posting the Historical Perspectives papers in the Assignments section. When you get to this page, just look for the link in the sidebar … I am not finished yet.

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