Personal Introduction

This assignment is worth 20 Points. This individual assignment is due by the end of the first class This is really so I can meet each of you and learn a little about you. All I am asking you to do is create a short introduction at the Blogs@110 space. This assignment has a hidden purpose as well — it gets you all in the space and posting on the first day. Just a quick post that adresses the following:

  • Your name
  • Where you’re from
  • What are your interests
  • Why you are taking this class
  • Anything interesting about you
  • How would you describe your overall comfort level with the use of technology?
  • Does technology interest you?
  • Can you think of any area of life that technology is not a part of?

To respond to this assignment, please create one personal blog post at blogs@110. The important thing is that you tag it with the right categories. For this assignment use the tags, “Assignmnet Type = Blog Post”, “Completed By = Individual” “Courses = 110”, “Post Type = Blog Entry” “Semester = Fall 2005” … tags are critical — use them! Assessment Introduction: 20 pts

  • Individual introduced him or herself in the Blogs@110 using a “Personal Blog Post” with his/her name as the title in the post. — 5 Points
  • Answered the above questions in paragraph form using complete thoughts and sentences — 10 Points
  • Used the appropriate tags as described in the assignment. — 5 Points

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