IST 110 Blogging Assignments

I really can’t imagine forcing anyone to blog … I mean that just sort of violates the spirit of blogging. But, with that said, I do want you posting things to the Blogs@110. I’ve made sure each and everyone of you has a blog space to work in. Everytime you post something the program gets richer to those looking in from the outside. If you break it down, that’s really my goal here — to give those people out there a view into how amazing it is in here … and I think it should be done in your voices. As my colleague, Bart Pursel says, “… you, as a blogger, aren’t a news reporter on assignment, you’re blogging something based on your unique perspective, and each post could/should have its own flavor of what the event/speaker meant to you, and how you can apply that stuff to your life/assignment, whateva …” I’ll outline each one below and we’ll discuss them more in class. If you need help getting started, take a look at the Getting Started with the Blogs@110 page. IST 110 Blogging Assignment Types There are five blogging assignments that I am asking you to complete. Please pay attention to the posting instructions for each one.

  1. Personal Introduction
  2. Social Bookmarking Entries
  3. Discussion Activities
  4. Reflection to the Cluetrain Manifesto
  5. Historical Reflection

Also keep in mind that the space is here for you! I’d love to see my RSS reader showing me tons of new posts out of this space everyday!

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