Team Introduction

During the second week of class I will ask you to begin working on a team introduction video that can be posted on the blogs@110 site. The team introduction should be directed at people both in and outside the class who might be interested in learning more about who the students and teams are. Potential audiences include:

  • Family members
  • Friends in your peer groups
  • IST Alumni
  • General visitors to the Blogs@110 site
  • Others

Each video should be no more than five minutes in length, but should not be shorter than one minute. Some original music created with GarageBand would be a nice touch. Please pay attention to copyright law … here is a page with an overview for you. Each video should have a unique file name in the following format, So for a team called Widgets, the name would look like … the videos should be saved in the QuickTIme .mov format. Each video should be uploaded to the blogs@110 site by one member of the team from a personal blog post. The post must contain a breif explanation of the video and a title that tells us what team did the video. Each post should be made in the category that matches your team number as well. For this assignment use the tags, “Assignment Type = Video”, “Completed By = Team”, “Courses = 110”, “Enclosure Type = Vodcast”, “110 Teams = Team Num”, “Post Type = Assignment”, … tags are critical — use them! Make sense? Assessment This is more of a creative exercise for you … I won’t be grading this too harshly as long as you follow the directions. Here’s how I will assess the team introduction video:

  • Team Introduction video is no more than 5 minutes and no less than 1 minute in length — 2.5 Points
  • The team uses creativity to introduce themselves and goes beyond the simple — 15 Points
  • One member of the team submits the video as part of a personal blog post. The post must contain a brief description of the video, some introductory text about your team, and a title that contains your team name and number — 2.5 Points
  • Used the apprpriate tags — 5 Points

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