Digital Video Assignments

One type of assignment you’ll be asked to produce is the digital video. I’ve made sure we have a bunch of DV cameras for you to use and you all have access to the Apple Teaching and Learning Studio, located in 205 IST Building. That Studio has simple apps like iMovie, GarageBand, iTunes, Funal Cut Express, and others on the Dual G5 machines in there. You should be able to use that room (or your own space) to produce movies that meet the requirements of these assignments. The DV assignments are really meant to be fun and to teach you a little about the process of shooting, editing, and producing a story in a digital sense. So many people just head out with a camera without a plan and the outcomes are less than desireable. You’ll be asked to follow a general process for producing your movies that we’ll go over in class.

Digital Video Assignment Types

There will be multiple digital video assignments for you to complete during hte program. Becasue it takes a while to really do quality DV work, I will be asking you to do complete two specific assignments. Keep in mind, you are encouraged to do others and to post them here at the Blogs@PGSIT site. Each of the assignment has a slightly different purpose and will require various levels of planning, prodcution, and storytelling:

  1. Team Introduction: You will produce a creative DV with the purpose of introducing the world to your team.
  2. IST 110 Challenge Solution Commercial: To create content that supports your IST 110 Assignment and the associated solution … in this case, it will be a commercial that “sells” your solution to the board of experts.

I hope that makes sense … in general, I want you making DVs that introduce yourselves to the world and that meet the needs of our class. I do have some criteria and I will be giving you specific assignments for each of these.


Cameras can be checked out by talking to the GSAs. We have a bunch of them, but plan ahead. Room 205 will be available, but not all times. Make sure you plan ahead there as well. Video editing takes time, so pay attention to when things are due and leave yourself enough time to stay on top of things. Carlo will be doing a workshop on iMovie during the first week of the program. That’ll help! Good luck!

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