Commenters from 2008

I’ll follow along with the exploits of Alan, D’Arcy, and Jim by posting my top 10 commenters over the last year. Clearly those guys get more comments than I do, but it is nice to see that we (for the most part) appear on each others’ list — Sorry Rev, I will get better this year. The thing I notice about this list is how local it is to State College and Penn State in general. On my list there are only four people who are not PSU folks — I just find it interesting. At any rate, there it is. 222 different people left comments this past year and I can tell you that is plenty to keep me happy! Sort of blows my mind when I think about it. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to share your voice in 2008!

  • Jamie Oberdick 29
  • Shannon Ritter 25
  • Alan Levine 16
  • Allan Gyorke 14
  • Bryan Alexander 12
  • Steve Brady 12
  • D’Arcy Norman 11
  • Robin Smail 11
  • Brett Bixler 10
  • Bart Pursel 9
  • Jeff Swain 8
  • dave 8
  • Brad Kozlek 8
  • Jim Groom 7

6 thoughts on “Commenters from 2008

  1. Cole,

    If you had trackbacks included as well I’m sure I would be number 1, because I have been liberally stealing your ideas for at least a year 😉

    Looks like I have some work to do on the campelese commenting side as well. Here’s to 2009, the year when PSU, UMW, UBC, and U Calgary change the world!

  2. What is this?
    “Cole Camplese’s high score list from the blog! 2008 edition”

    See, you’re coming around to this game thing finally, just from a different direction 🙂

  3. @ D’Arcy Norman Funny how much the idea of local community has played out here at PSU. Its been really amazing watching it coalesce and grow over the last 2-3 years. To tell you the truth it is one of the few things that keeps me on Twitter — the local twittersphere at PSU is really alive and lots of conversations start there. I wonder why there is such a difference in local vs non-local participation between our Institutions?

  4. @ Jim I had a hard time believing the numbers from top to bottom, but how despicable is it that I didn’t even make your list! I will not be stopped this year, however!

    @ Bart Reminds me of the point system we did with PGSIT that one year … I think we called it the leader board. Drove kids crazy seeing their teams running behind others!

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