Unscientific Data of the Day: Twitter InstaPoll

This cannot be considered for anything other than what it is — a quick broadcast style poll asking people if they use Twitter more than IM since the Twitter craze has started. Major issue with the method here — I sent the question via Twitter. Hmm, I wonder if that could have impacted the data. At any rate the results are below. I can say that I see a lot less people on my IM list when I am logged in … not less in general, just a heck of a lot less from my PSU circle — which BTW has grown by leaps and bounds since I started using Twitter. Twitter has opened my community up to a whole bunch of people around PSU. At any rate here are the results of my 30 minute Twitter InstaPoll … please let me know what you think — and please, no need to bash the method, I know it is flawed and tells us nothing. But it is interesting to me!

Twitter Use

4 thoughts on “Unscientific Data of the Day: Twitter InstaPoll

  1. LOL…your sample is like asking people at a steak house if they like steak. That aside, I really like the insta-poll idea. I sent out my tweet about words that rhyme with Symposium and had a bunch of people contribute words and even some verses. It was pretty cool.

  2. I still use both. I think for different reasons? Hard to carry on a one on one conversation on Twitter. Character limit on messaging etc. Twitter definitely better for creating a community though.

  3. What would be cool is a tool that let’s you chat directly, but ALSO put up notices of what you are doing at any given moment. Wait! I can do that now with an IM client and status messages. 🙂

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