WordPress for Podcasting

These blogs are built using WordPress — IMHO WordPress is the best single user blogging system available (did I mention its free? And that I use it for my other blog as well?). The concept of podcasting has been getting a lot of press — and with Steve’s iTunes 4.9 demo at WWDC it appears as though it could be hitting the mainstream. What most people fail to realize about podcasting is how easy they are to serve up with the right tools. Aside from producing the podcast, getting it out to the Internet with an updated feed is daunting to some people. I came accross this really simple tutorial on how to use WordPress as a podcasting engine … take a look at it. What is so amazing is how easy it really is! Before you know it, you’ll have thousands of listeners, be listed in the iTunes 4.9 Podcasting Directory, and be a media darling.

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