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I just got off the plane here in San Fran using my free trial of T-Mobile at the Fog Bank bar at the airport. I had to stop before heading downtown to see what went on with Steve’s Keynote at WWDC … from what I can read, not much happened — unless of course the whole Mac on Intel thing is something big. I am not a processor guy and don’t pretend to be, so I have no idea if this is a really good thing. Seems to me, given the fact that Steve is smart, that this will be a good thing. It does make me feel a little weird though, but I am sure I’ll get it figured it out. I just hope they don’t put those disgusting “Intel Inside” stickers on the hardware.

I’m sure I’m like everyone else who is a MacHead and have been reading the rumors — I, like Apple, try hard not to comment on rumors … I won’t beat this one to death considering there are lots of others who are much more qualified to discuss this. I will say that I did have a feeling that something like this was going to happen — for a lot of reasons. But, this is a move I’ll be studying and trying to figure out on the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll be able to get to the bottom of it while I am here. I guess that means there won’t be any G5 PowerBooks — speaking of that, what hell are they going to call these machines? I know the Wintel industry does such a nice job naming their crap … advice, keep it simple!

I’m not in town for WWDC, although I am going to try like hell to hang out with a couple of friends who are in town for the event. I’m here to meet with Macromedia … I am trying to finally really get something meaningful going with them. Macromedia products power so much of the stuff we build at the Institute. Meeting with them tomorrow … I am waiting here at the Fog Bank for Keith and Chris to show up so we can head down to the hotel and get ready. I’ve been up in Medford, Oregon for my best friend’s wedding and have been without reliable access … great time, but I ended up in the ER without a voice yesterday and almost bagged this leg of the trip. But, I’m here and we’re going to make the best of it. More to come!

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