Beating a Dead Horse .. err, Tiger

I guess I am the last person on earth who installed Tiger. For a Mac freak, I feel so far behind the curve. I was traveling all week last week — I was actually at the NYC SOHO Apple Store on Friday, but it was like 1 PM (well before the release). I am very impressed with the OS, but I am most excited by the RSS features of Safari. I was lucky enough to have access to Tiger close to a year ago and the RSS feature in Safari was there, but I never took the time to really look at it. The ability to set up a folder in the bookmark bar with RSS feeds and easily aggregate them all into a single page is amazing. I think it will give my reliance on bloglines a run for the money. When it is combined with either tabbed browsing or the underused “snap back” feature it creates an amazing RSS reading/browsing combo.

I love that Apple can use their know how to actually give me something I need — before I know I need it. BTW, Dashboard is cool too … even better than I thought. At any rate, I am happy. Now if the Cisco VPN would work I could be enjoying this on my 12″ PowerBook. Not sure I can go back to that old school OS, Panther!

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