Podcasting in Education

I did a few podcasts for my IST 110 class last semester … although students didn’t take advantage of the auto delivery via RSS enclosures much (maybe 10 in the class out of 42). They got them the old fashioned way, they just clicked the link and downloaded them. The ones they really liked were mostly feedback related … you know, you did a great job on this, don’t worry about grades, etc … Starting here in the next couple of weeks we’ll be doing the SI Live Podcast from the Solutions Institute … it will have faculty, staff, and students from the School talking about research, projects, and emerging technologies. I just hope faculty end up using them as part of their course! Now that would be cool.

I came across this post over at the Educause Blogs that talks about how David Sturges is using IT Conversations as a big part of his course … great idea. Take a look … good pointers from there. My question is how do you get faculty to (a) produce their own podcasts and (b) use those that are already available? Any thoughts would be great!

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