Blog Wrap-Up: Fall 2004 110 Section 04

I have to hand it to all of you, you’ve done an amazing job with keeping things fresh and real at the Class Blog this semester. If you remember, I started the semester with a plea to participate and a flat out declaration, that “this is a grand experiment.” Well, for my money, this has been a great success! One of the things that I really love is that there is an open forum that illustrates the thread of the class this semester … something that I could never have provided had we done this in ANGEL or without all of your comments and insight. This thing can live on well beyond the artifical boundaries of the semester … it can provide you and other sections with a home base to build new experiences on. I know I enjoy going back and looking at your comments and I anticipate that other students (from 110 and other courses) will be doing the same.

Bart Pursel and I have looked over the results of the survey so far and it looks interesting — may even interest you all! As we get it coded and uncover trends and results, we’ll post them here. I extend an invitation to continue to visit the Class Blog — not sure where it will go or how I will use it in the coming weeks, but if the web trends indicate people are still showing up, I’ll continue to post. I know that if I teach next Fall (and it is an IF), I will coninue using the Class Blog — and I will actually just keeping going here so the new students can see what its all about … I thought from the get go that a multi-semester communication environment would be a kick-ass thing … what a great foundation we’ve created!

Looking back at the themes this semester, file sharing was without a doubt the primary one … we did jump around a bit, but there are a ton of great resources in the archives. Use them as you see fit — a lot of the thinking belongs to you.

It may come as a surprise to you all, but several of the posts and your comments have been a mainstay at several other sites exploring the benefits of educational blogging. In other words, you’re almost famous — look for the royality checks any day now. At any rate, I just wanted to extend a very serious thank you … thank you for a great semester, for the outstanding effort, for putting up with my crazy schedule, for showing up and talking in class, and for being a great group to work with. I appreciate it all very much and I want you to remember, you can drop in and talk shop with me anytime. Take it easy and I will be seeing you all around–>


One thought on “Blog Wrap-Up: Fall 2004 110 Section 04

  1. I would say that the class blog was definitely a success. It made contributing to class more interesting and definitely better than writing a paper in Word and then handing it in next class!

    I think it is something that you should continue to use with other classes and maybe the IST Bldg will start using it more.

    Thanks for a fun introduction into the IST Major at Penn State!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS to the IST 110 Class of Fall 2004!

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