Secure Enclosures

I think this whole RSS thing is really powerful … I also feel like I’m late to the party. But in all reality, a whole slew of people are just starting to see it. Its been around for quite some time, but podcasting has really brought this to the surface. I remember working at Cogence Media and seeing software that would receive content that was in a “push” mode … anyone else remember that? I think it was pointcast … it was the start of the Internet, .com explosion. When I read about it, what strikes me as amazing are the facts that the pace of innovation was so rapid in the face of all that capitalistic competition and that one of the two largest players in the RSS fad, Dave Winer, has been there since the get go.

With that said, I have been thinking for weeks about how you could do secure enclosures … they could be a very interesting solution to course work, articles, white papers, assignments, feedback, or other academic materials delivered directly to students … or for subscription based newsletters, magazines, news articles, weather, or really whatever people are currently required to hold some sort of membership to receive. I would have to also imagine someone has done … at any rate, RSS is so much better than email or html … the end of people getting information by searching specific websites is on its way.

At any rate, it has me thinking about if there is a new browser experience coming, or if it will be server side protection, or just a next version ipodderx. All of it has me interested in the web and technology again for the first time in a long time. I’m going to continue pushing and exploring this space … I know there are solutions in this movement … its actually also fun. This is cross posted at the From the Basement Podcast site.;-)

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