How Much is it Helping?

Quick post this morning … saw this at and thought you’d all be interested. Looks at the growth in file sharing … they are essentially debunking what the RIAA has been saying — that file sharing is decreasing. Interesting stuff … what do you think?

4 thoughts on “How Much is it Helping?

  1. To me this just solidifies that the RIAA is in over their. Apparently, they are trying to skew the numbers to their side. Usually, not necessarily in this case, people or companies do this when things aren’t going their way as much as they expected. Maybe the RIAA needs to meet people half-way since the numbers are overwhelming them. You just can’t police 5+ million people using p2p software at any given point in the U.S.

  2. no matter what the RIAA tries to do, Free still beats anything except free.. Trying to convince people that they are morally wrong for doing something is just gonig to piss them off — show them a good reason to pay for something, and show them a price that’s reasonable, and show them where their money is going — Only then will these numbers start going somewhere, they will not get better by telling the country that we are doing “wrong” by sharing information with one another. As more and more people join the broadband world, more and more people will use P2P software… I suggest the RIAA get it’s act together ASAP.

  3. I think that Shared Media Licensing has the right idea. Honestly, how many times do you listen to a song after you download it. I either burn it to a CD because I know what it sounds like or just delete it. I think this gives P2P users an oppurtunity to check out their fav. tunes and it is still legal!

    It is going to be hard to stop the P2P file sharing programs just because the term FREE seems so appealing but maybe if users start to get some stuff free, they will invest in that software!

  4. The entertainment industry should definitely looking into this. If they don’t they are seriously passing up a possible solution to their claimed problem. I know for a fact that services such as CD Baby are very artist and consumer friendly because my mom has two gospel projects on CD Baby. It’s very cheep for a new artist to put themselves out there as well as free for people to here songs from there album and they can even order online and CD Baby pays the artist, keeps their share and sends the CD to the customer. It works out great. I have a direct link to my mom’s CD Baby website on my blog if anyone wants to check out how CD Baby works. Time should be taking to further develop the Weed technology so that it can be a competative alternative to iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Ruckus etc.

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